A unique weekend or weeklong
getaway in Coon Valley, WI

Restaurants Nearby

Coon Valley Restaurants/Bars

Legacy Pub, 110 Central Avenue, Coon Valley 608-452-3663
Stockyard, 202 Central Avenue, Coon Valley 608-452-2600
South Ridge Inn, 109 South Ridge Road, Coon Valley 608-452-2288

Westby Restaurants

Borgens Cafe, 109 S. Main, Westby 608-634-4003
Central Express, 411 N. Main, Westby 608-634-2230
Westby House, 200 W. State, Westby 608-634-4112
Old Towne Inn Supper Club, 100 E. Old Town Road, Westby 608-634-3991

Chaseburg Restaurants

Hideaway, 107 W. Mill Street, Chaseburg 608-483-2777
Tippy Toe Inn, 307 Depot Street, Chaseburg 608-483-2119

Other highly recommended area Restaurants/Bars

The Ridge, W2782 State Rd. 33, LaCrosse, WI 54601 608-788-3969
Leo and Leona’s, W1436 State Road 33, Bangor, WI 608-452-3637